An Introduction to MyShop & LaunchPad3

These are 2 websites we can offer you. One is called MyShop which is a platform where you can sell garments or designs via the internet that you don’t currently sell in your shop. The other is called LaunchPad3 and is a full ecommerce site targeted at clubs and societies.


MyShop - Appeals to the student wanting single garments and compliments your current shop sales. Having a MyShop website will increase your sales as it makes your products accessible for those that can't access your physical shop and increase your overseas sales.

JSW will process the order on your behalf, dispatch it for you and send you your commission. There is nothing for you to do and nothing for you to pay to have this service.

For more information, call Charlotte on 01543 27 44 65


LaunchPad3 - Appeals to clubs & societies wanting multiple garments.

Many shops are not currently processing Society orders because they require a lot of time and input. LaunchPad3 solves this problem by processing the orders for you and dealing directly with the student placing the order.

All we require from you is approval to set up the site and we do the rest. Again, you have nothing to do but to bank the commission received from every order placed.

For more information, call Charlotte on 01543 27 44 65


MyShop is a little like an Amazon shop, but with extra features. With MyShop visitors can buy a garment and personalise it. The garment comes directly to JSW who takes the payment and process the order. The payment is forwarded to you less the transaction fee at the end of the month.

You can view the Nottingham MyShop at:

  1. You can control pricing.
  2. You can control products and designs on the website.
  3. JSW can manage the products, adding new products and removing products as required all with your approval.
  4. You place a link on your site for MyShop and for the LaunchPad Clubs and societies website.
  5. 3-year exclusivity contract.
  6. You have a login so you can see the activity on the site and commissions earned.
Benefits of MyShop
  1. You can carry colours not available in your shop such as 3XL. You can sell up to 23 colours in everyday style.
  2. You can carry more styles/ Most shops have limited floor space and can't carry all the styles they would like to.
  3. We can clear your end of lines through MyShop
  4. You can sell to offsite customers throughout the world (Alumni etc.)

LaunchPad3 is a website that caters for sales to university clubs and societies. In most universities, Clubs and Societies tend to buy from the internet or from a local supplier in town. The idea behind LaunchPad3 is that you can benefit from these purchases. By advertising the LaunchPad3 site in your shop and with a link on your website, you direct the enquiries to your LaunchPad3 website. You will receive a commission on sales made via leads from your site.

You can view the Nottingham MyShop at:

Benefits of LaunchPad3
  1. Extra income for you without any input
  2. Students are purchasing from a reliable approved supplier.
  3. You have control over designs used as only authorised designs will be approved

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