Artwork Guidelines

State of the Art methods to improve the State of your Art

State of the Art methods to improve the State of your Art

Ideal Artwork

In a perfect world, the artwork you send us would be either a vector file (.eps, .pdf, .ai, .cdr, .svg) or a 300 dpi pixelated image (.jpg, .png, .tif, .gif, .bmp) set up at the size you want it printed. If you have artwork at that quality, great, upload it or send it over.

We understand, however, that most people don’t even know what all this means, letalone have the quality of artwork required.

If you upload or send us the highest quality version of your artwork in whatever format you have, our design team will work with it and create a visual for you to check. We may then redraw it for free for you to increase the quality if required (see below).

Free Edits

Feel free to request edits to your artwork when you send it to us. Common requests are: getting rid of the background, changing the colours, reducing the amount of colours and adding or changing text.

Printing Artwork

If your artwork is good enough to print already, thats great, it makes our life easier and you have more control over what you’re going to get, so please do ensure you send us the highest quality version you have (see ideal artwork above). If it isn’t, have no fear, we will redraw your artwork for free to make it perfect quality for print.

We’re pretty good at it too, just check out this example to the right. Notice the pixelated roughness of the orignal compared to the smooth clarity of the redraw.

Embroidered Artwork

Unfortunately, we can’t just plug a picture into our embroidery machines and expect to it know where to put the threads. This is what the £9.99+vat origination fee is about. An expert digitiser will decide where each thread goes to make your artwork look perfect.

Check out this example of an original image next to it’s embroidered version on the left.

Text Artwork

Text is very easy to recreate if we know the font. We have a few fonts available for selection on our site, but if you want a specific font that we don’t have available, contact us and we’ll try to create the artwork for you for free. You normally don’t even have to send us the font (although it does help).

Have no fear, if your artwork isn't up to scratch, we can sort it out

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